12:57PM EST - We're here at Samsung's MWC 2017 press conference.

12:57PM EST - Matt on text, Anton on photos

12:58PM EST - Ian is here too, but he's busy writing up the Samsung news article.

12:58PM EST - After walking 1.2 miles from the LG press conference to the Huawei event, I couldn’t get in because the building was at capacity.

12:59PM EST - The Wi-Fi here is dead. We're uploading pics via 4G

01:00PM EST - Samsung usually announces its next Galaxy phone at MWC, but it already stated that it’s not announcing the Galaxy S8 here.

01:00PM EST - Instead, this event should feature some new tablets.

01:00PM EST - As such, this event is much smaller and less ostentatious than previous MWC events.

01:01PM EST - Sorry for the quality of the photos. We're sitting towards the back of the room.

01:04PM EST - It should be starting soon. Samsung's running a little late.

01:05PM EST - Hopefully it starts before I fall asleep

01:08PM EST - I need more coffee

01:11PM EST - I've been listening to the same song playing in a loop for 30 minutes

01:12PM EST - There have not been many interesting Android tablets lately

01:14PM EST - Most of the compelling high-end tablets are running Windows 10

01:18PM EST - Apparently there's a technical difficulty with the projector

01:22PM EST - Here we go!

01:23PM EST - Showing a video about quality assurance testing. Odd way to start a press conference

01:24PM EST - Still trying to assuage people's fears about Note7 I guess

01:25PM EST - "You have to give people what they want"

01:25PM EST - Reflecting on the past 6 months

01:26PM EST - Determined to correct past mistakes

01:26PM EST - Wants to regain customers' trust

01:26PM EST - Samsung has implemented an 8-point battery safety check and battery safety advisory group

01:27PM EST - A protestor was just asked to get off the stage

01:28PM EST - Thanking customers for remaining loyal to Samsung

01:28PM EST - Now looking to the future

01:28PM EST - New network technology, tablets, VR

01:28PM EST - First up: 5G

01:29PM EST - Tim Baxtor, President & COO Samsung America, on stage

01:30PM EST - Connecting devices. IoT

01:30PM EST - Connect everything!

01:31PM EST - Samsung has invested heavily in 5G

01:31PM EST - Talking about how great 5G is

01:32PM EST - Fast, low-latency, ubiquitous

01:32PM EST - Samsung launching its 5G network portfolio

01:33PM EST - Infrastructure, 5G radio, and 5G home router for consumers

01:33PM EST - 5G in the home instead of fiber

01:33PM EST - "Modem SoC" That's a pretty generic name

01:34PM EST - Spokesperson from Verizon on stage

01:35PM EST - Samsung is working with Verizon on 5G network trials

01:36PM EST - Now doing customer trials

01:36PM EST - Will begin in the next 60 days

01:38PM EST - Involves interoperability testing between devices and deployed network

01:38PM EST - It sounds like these trials are for fixed wireless applications

01:39PM EST - Moving on to tablets

01:40PM EST - The role of the tablet has become less defined

01:40PM EST - Most tablet usage takes place in the home

01:40PM EST - This usage still requires mobility

01:41PM EST - Most people see tablets as entertainment devices

01:41PM EST - Samsung is introducing 2 new tablets

01:42PM EST - Not just for entertainment. Can also be for work

01:42PM EST - Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

01:43PM EST - Cue slick product video

01:44PM EST - A tablet for entertainment and productivity

01:44PM EST - Glossy glass back

01:44PM EST - alumimum frame

01:44PM EST - silver and black colors

01:44PM EST - 429 grams

01:45PM EST - Ships with Android 7

01:45PM EST - Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC

01:45PM EST - 9.7" QXGA SAMOLED display

01:45PM EST - 97% of DCI-P3

01:46PM EST - Supports HDR content

01:46PM EST - blue light filter for reading

01:47PM EST - It includes Qualcomm's Game Center software to mute notifications while gaming

01:47PM EST - Includes 4 speakers tuned by AKG

01:48PM EST - Auto rotate speakers: audio changes when tablet is shifted between portrait and landscape

01:48PM EST - "a 9.7-inch home theater solution"

01:49PM EST - Claimed 12 hour battery life (video playback)

01:49PM EST - LTE & Wi-Fi connectivity

01:50PM EST - There's a keyboard cover and S Pen for productivity and taking notes

01:50PM EST - S Pen based on Wacom tech

01:50PM EST - Galaxy Tab S3 includes the S Pen in the box

01:51PM EST - S Pen does not use batteries and does not require charging

01:51PM EST - Pressure sensitive

01:52PM EST - There's a new special edition S Pen by Staedtler modeled after a pencil

01:53PM EST - Now for the next product

01:54PM EST - Samsung Galaxy Book

01:54PM EST - "for the user who needs to get things done"

01:55PM EST - Windows 10 2-in-1 device

01:55PM EST - all aluminum chassis with a fan inside

01:58PM EST - Intel Core i5-7200U inside

01:58PM EST - 12" has up to 8GB RAM and 256GB storage

01:59PM EST - Comes with 2 USB Type-C ports on same edge

01:59PM EST - LTE connectivity

01:59PM EST - fast-charging battery with a claimed 10.5 hours of battery life

02:00PM EST - Microsoft representative on stage to discuss collaboration on Windows devices

02:01PM EST - The Galaxy Book seems to compete with Microsoft's Surface and Huawei's MateBook

02:01PM EST - [my wrist is cramping]

02:02PM EST - emphasizing Windows 10 security

02:02PM EST - can use Windows Hello with Galaxy Book

02:03PM EST - Office 365 + Windows 10 for productivity

02:03PM EST - Full S Pen functionality and features (Air Command, etc) on Windows

02:04PM EST - Adobe Photoshop recognizes S Pen for enhanced functions

02:05PM EST - Adobe on stage demoing S Pen with Photoshop

02:06PM EST - The S Pen inking is smooth and tracks with the pen well

02:07PM EST - The keyboard cover (included) is backlit (powered by the tablet, no battery) and has similar key travel to laptop

02:08PM EST - Tablet connects to keyboard magnetically

02:08PM EST - Samsung Flow: software that provides integration between Galaxy Book and other Galaxy devices

02:08PM EST - Unlock Galaxy Book with fingerprint sensor on Galaxy phone

02:09PM EST - Notifications from phone show up on Galaxy Book

02:09PM EST - You cannot take or receive calls on Galaxy Book, though, like you can with MacBook/iPhone

02:09PM EST - That's it for tablets

02:10PM EST - Now VR

02:10PM EST - Gear VR has "democratized the VR experience"

02:11PM EST - New Samsung Gear VR with handheld controller with touchpad from Occulus

02:12PM EST - hand tracking opens up new experiences

02:12PM EST - Gear VR Control will come with Gear VR

02:12PM EST - Just one more thing!

02:13PM EST - Galaxy S8 teaser in progress

02:13PM EST - 3/29/2017

02:14PM EST - Galaxy Unpacked event for S8

02:14PM EST - And that's it!

02:15PM EST - Time for some hands-on time with the new tablets

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  • theuglyman0war - Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - link

    For pressure sensitive color accurate portable sketching in PS and Zbrush that is!

    ( and why Android will Always be a toy as far as productivity is concerned )
  • Ananke - Friday, March 3, 2017 - link

    If the price differentiation between the two is like $1000+ then the AMOLED Android tablet is pretty good alternative to anything else.
  • neo_1221 - Monday, February 27, 2017 - link

    I'd have been interested in an 8" Tab S3, but it looks like they've abandoned that size entirely.
  • Michael Bay - Sunday, February 26, 2017 - link

    "A protestor was just asked to get off the stage."

    Good, but not nearly enough of the weird. It`s Samsung, there should be flying midgets or something!
  • thope - Sunday, February 26, 2017 - link

    I have found new respect for journalists who sat through this horrible presentation. So bad..
  • WorldWithoutMadness - Sunday, February 26, 2017 - link

    Huawei had worse main keynote speaker.
  • prophet001 - Monday, February 27, 2017 - link


    This is so hilariously understated.
  • ginger93 - Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - link

    They should have done a better job in showing off the new pen tilt feature.

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