AMD Ryzen 3000 Announced
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  • Santoval - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    "The power usage seems to ramp up very quicly from 4.4 to 4.5GHz!"
    TDPs describe the thermal emission of (all-core) base clocks, not (either all-core or single-core) boost clocks. Boost clocks have separate, generally unreported and *much* higher "TDPs" (plural because they depend on the number of active cores at boost clock), which the cooler needs to be able to handle so that boost clocks can be sustained for long periods of time. What's highly unusual about the 3800X (assuming it was not misreported) is that it has a +45W TDP for a mere +300 MHz base clock.
  • Xyler94 - Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - link

    Intel and AMD measure TDP differently. What you described is how Intel rates their TDP. If memory serves, AMD measures TDP when all cores are boosting as fast as they can. I don't know how AMD measures it exactly, but Intel measures at all core on base frequency.
  • ishould - Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - link

    I suspect Zen 3 on TSMC's 7nm+ will certainly be able to hit 5GHz with EUV, and that just went into mass production. By the time Zen 3 comes out next year, TSMC will have had 6+ months with 7nm+ so the process should be more matured.
  • phoenix_rizzen - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    While those doesn't appear to be the case, it would be so nice and simple if it was:

    Athlon should be 2C/2T and 2C/4T if they even bother with dual-core chipkets.
    Ryzen 3 should be 4C/4T and 4C/8T.
    Ryzen 5 should be 6C/6T and 6C/12T.
    Ryzen 7 should be 8C/8T and 8C/16T.
    Ryzen 9 should be 12C/12T and 12C/24T.

    Then, later on, they could release a fully-enabled dual-chiplet CPU in 16C/16 and 16/16T variants, just to really mess with Intel. Call it Ryzen X(treme). :D

    With Ryzen going to 16 cores, and Epyc going down to 8 cores, it doesn't really leave room for Thresdripper. Wouldn't be too surprised if TR is retired.
  • phoenix_rizzen - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    Bah, 16C/32T obviously for a fully enabled CPU. Stupid phone keyboard and lack of edit!
  • Lolimaster - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    Why should AMD gimp you SMT? Accepting intel's lube too much?
  • Targon - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    The only place AMD turned off SMT was on the Ryzen 3 models with 4 core/4 thread, otherwise, I don't expect AMD to ever leave SMT off on a Ryzen 5. AMD isn't Intel.
  • just4U - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    I see no reason to purchase a 12C/12T cpu. It's pointless in that price range.
  • jamescox - Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - link

    Ryzen 3 will probably be limited to 12 nm IGP parts which are a single chip. You probably need to get at least Ryzen 5 to get the 7 nm chiplet version with multiple chiplets.
  • III-V - Monday, May 27, 2019 - link

    5GHz isn't happening on TSMC 7nm. Not from the factory, anyway. Unless we're taking super-uber-elite cherry picked dies wrapped in the finest (ESD-safe, of course) cashmere, that you've got to sell your firstborn into slavery to acquire.

    It's not a great node for high performance. It's a big step up from where AMD was at before (they're jumping ~2 nodes), but you'll have to wait a bit longer for those speeds. TSMC has some great stuff in the pipeline, but N7 is a bit of a dud.

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