11:29AM EDT - Welcome to our live blog of the opening keynote of Intel's Innovation 2022. Things should be kicking off very soon

11:30AM EDT - Looks like people are starting to take their seats

11:30AM EDT - And we begin

11:31AM EDT - An edit: Only Pat Gelsinger, Intel's CEO will be speaking today

11:32AM EDT - And it starts in 30 minutes, be back soon

11:57AM EDT - Ryan here, in both senses of the word. Intel is hosting this year's event as an in-person function at the San Jose Convention Center, my home away from home

11:58AM EDT - Being an in-person event, this should be a more leisurely paced event than the kind of rapid-fire keynotes we've seen during the pandemic

11:58AM EDT - But first, a spoiler:

11:59AM EDT - Newegg posted Intel 13th Gen Core (Raptor Lake) processors for sale earlier this morning

11:59AM EDT - Complete with prices

11:59AM EDT - We'll see if the prices are accurate. But at this point they seem realistic

12:00PM EDT - Meanwhile, on screenshot duty is the always-awesome Gavin Bonshor

12:00PM EDT - And this keynote should be kicking off momentarily

12:01PM EDT - Expected subjects today inclue Raptor Lake, Sapphire Rapids, Intel's enterprise GPU efforts, and more

12:01PM EDT - And here we go

12:01PM EDT - Starting with Pat Gelsinger

12:01PM EDT - "We're going to have a great event together now"

12:01PM EDT - This keynote is slated to run for 1 hour

12:02PM EDT - Pat is starting with reiterating Intel's focus on open ecosystems and a developer-first approach

12:02PM EDT - News today on hardware, software, chip design, security, and more

12:03PM EDT - (Pat's shirt is "geek" in ASCII binary)

12:03PM EDT - "We are in a new era"

12:04PM EDT - "We continue to witness the magic of technology"

12:04PM EDT - Pat is reiterating his "superpowers" analogy

12:04PM EDT - Compute, connectivity, cloud-to-edge infrastructure, AI, and sensing

12:05PM EDT - Oh? He's added a 5th superpower. Sensing is new to the list

12:05PM EDT - Pat shows off his hearing aid

12:06PM EDT - An example of a sensory device today. A device that makes his life better

12:06PM EDT - It also changes how Intel thinks about their business and chip design

12:06PM EDT - Which brings us to Intel Foundry Services

12:07PM EDT - At the heart of chip fabbing is Moore's Law

12:07PM EDT - Pat reiterates that he doesn't consider Moore's Law to be dead

12:07PM EDT - Going from 100B transistors today on a single package to 1T transistors by the end of the decade

12:07PM EDT - Making process on Intel's "5 nodes in 4 years" development plan

12:08PM EDT - Expecting first 18A test chip tape-out before the end of the year

12:08PM EDT - "We will not rest until the periodic table is exhausted"

12:08PM EDT - Intel will continue to work to grow capacity and demand

12:09PM EDT - With their previously announced Tower Semi acquisition, it gives Intel a significant bredth in capabilities

12:09PM EDT - Now talking about the idea of a Systems Foundry

12:09PM EDT - A Systems Foundry offers wafers, advanced packaging, chiplets, and software

12:10PM EDT - "Software defined, silicon enhanced"

12:11PM EDT - Investing heavily in the UCIe chiplet ecosystem

12:11PM EDT - "We're going to bring all of those pieces together"

12:11PM EDT - Now rolling a video about UCIe

12:12PM EDT - Which starts with a statement from TSMC

12:12PM EDT - Intel is emphasizing the "universal" part of UCIe

12:12PM EDT - Part of Intel's $1B IFS innovation fund is for startups and disruptive technologies

12:13PM EDT - Intel is also scaling up their university shuttle program. The goal: 100x

12:14PM EDT - Looking to develop the semiconductor talent pool of tomorrow

12:14PM EDT - Now on to graphics and accelerated computing

12:14PM EDT - High-perf computing requires vector and matrix processing

12:15PM EDT - The only thing Pat didn't do in his previous stint at Intel: high-performance graphics

12:15PM EDT - Now on to GPUs

12:15PM EDT - Announcing the Intel Data Center GPU Flex series

12:15PM EDT - Flex 170 and Flex 140

12:15PM EDT - For inference, training, AI, VDI, video encoding. Everything GPUs are used for today in servers

12:16PM EDT - Pat also has a Ponte Vecchio package in his hand

12:16PM EDT - PVC and Sapphire Rapids with HBM are the computing brains behind the Aurora supercomputer

12:16PM EDT - Intel is delivering those blades now

12:17PM EDT - But you can't talk about GPUs without talking about gaming

12:17PM EDT - Paraphrasing: the price of gaming GPUs is too damned high

12:17PM EDT - "Today we're fixing that"

12:17PM EDT - Intel Arc A770 GPU

12:17PM EDT - 65% better RT performance than the unspecified competitiomn

12:17PM EDT - Now rolling a demo video

12:18PM EDT - Available October 12th at $329

12:18PM EDT - Cards on the way to reviewers now

12:18PM EDT - So putting it up against the NVIDIA RTX 3060 and AMD RX 66xx parts

12:20PM EDT - Shifting gears, bringing on stage Intel's AI Ethics Lead Architect, Ria Cheruvu

12:20PM EDT - She's just 18

12:21PM EDT - We'll hear more about this in Greg's session tomorrow: the Intel Developer Cloud

12:21PM EDT - Which Intel uses to showcase some of their latest technologies

12:21PM EDT - The Dev Cloud is current in a limited beta, but Intel is intending to expand that

12:23PM EDT - Intel's first challenge: speeding up development cycles

12:23PM EDT - Development cycles are too slow

12:23PM EDT - Intel has a tool to help with no-code solutions

12:24PM EDT - The Neural Compressor with Neural Coder

12:24PM EDT - Converted a PyTorch model from FP32 to INT8

12:24PM EDT - Running on Sapphire Rapids

12:25PM EDT - 10.8x speed-up on SPR versus using FP32

12:25PM EDT - Now on to security

12:25PM EDT - Demoing Intel SGX

12:26PM EDT - (SGX seems to get compromised with some regularity)

12:26PM EDT - Working to enable a holistic view of confidential computing

12:27PM EDT - Breaking news: Raptor Lake launches on October 20th. i9-13900K is $589

12:28PM EDT - Now on to AI model development

12:29PM EDT - An enterprise platform for collaborating on AI development

12:29PM EDT - Showcasing how to build a CV model to maximize coffee bean yield

12:30PM EDT - Using active learning to cut down on the number of sample images required

12:31PM EDT - Showing how the model performs so far, and how it's flaws can be corrected

12:31PM EDT - Model can then be optimized with OpenVINO and deployed across datacenters

12:32PM EDT - Launching today: Intel Geti

12:32PM EDT - "Powerful AI for everyone"

12:32PM EDT - Commercially available in Q4 of this year

12:33PM EDT - (Just to be clear, Geti is a computer vision training system)

12:33PM EDT - Continuing the subject of building AI models. Now with a guest speaker from PreciTaste

12:34PM EDT - Using OpenVINO for its flexibility in being able to run against GPUs or CPUs (rather than being limited to just GPUs)

12:35PM EDT - 30% higher FPS in one afternoon

12:35PM EDT - Using Intel's RealSense cameras to watch pans of food. OpenVINO used to classify things and how much there is

12:36PM EDT - Shuffle pans; AI picks up on the change

12:38PM EDT - Chipotle will be deploying this Intel tech in a large market in the "coming months"

12:38PM EDT - Developer challenge 3: game development is complex and slow

12:39PM EDT - Discussing debugging of networked clients

12:40PM EDT - The game is Nightengale, a UE5 game

12:41PM EDT - High perf requirements mean that normally, only one or two clients could be run on a single workstation

12:41PM EDT - (Technical error: keyboard is not working)

12:42PM EDT - Using an unclear tech to allow a system to run up to 8 instances

12:42PM EDT - Ahh, this is a demo of having so many cores on an Intel CPU

12:43PM EDT - Particularly the E-cores

12:44PM EDT - Now rolling demo footage of the game itself

12:44PM EDT - Pat is hiding something behind his back

12:44PM EDT - Poorly

12:45PM EDT - Today Intel is announcing the 13th Gen Intel Core processor family

12:45PM EDT - Codename: Raptor Lake

12:45PM EDT - Flagship i9-13900K

12:45PM EDT - 8 P cores plus 16 E cores (twice as many E cores as before)

12:46PM EDT - Best gaming/streaming experience ever

12:46PM EDT - DDR5 speeds up to DDR5-5600

12:46PM EDT - "World's best overclocking experience as well"

12:46PM EDT - Will be releasing a "limited volume" 6.0GHz SKU next year

12:47PM EDT - So 13900KS?

12:47PM EDT - Over 50 processors planned as part of the 13th Gen Core family

12:48PM EDT - Developer challenge 4: creative development is time-consuming and limited

12:48PM EDT - (Someone needs to do a Stable Diffusion or similar image having Pat Gelsinger show off Ryzen CPUs)

12:49PM EDT - Showing off Stable Diffusion here running on Intel's Gaudi 2 hardware

12:50PM EDT - Showing off the "incredible power" of the next-gen Gaudi 2 accelerator

12:51PM EDT - Developer challenge 5: User experience needs to drive product design

12:52PM EDT - User experience needs to drive product design

12:52PM EDT - Samsung Display's CEO, JS Choi, is now on stage

12:52PM EDT - Choi is holding a rollable OLED display

12:52PM EDT - Expanding and shrinking it

12:53PM EDT - Announcing world's first 17-inch slidable display

12:55PM EDT - Now on to showcasing Intel Unison

12:55PM EDT - Unison promisses to "bring all of our devices together"

12:56PM EDT - Extending his laptop's display to the Samsung screen

12:57PM EDT - Unison can also extend iOS and Android devices

12:57PM EDT - iOS texts on a Windows PC. That's a pretty killer feature

12:57PM EDT - Unison coming to new laptops this holiday season

12:57PM EDT - On select Intel Evo devices

12:58PM EDT - 6th and final challenge solve high-bandwidth low-power connectivity

12:58PM EDT - Silicon Photonics

12:58PM EDT - Showing an old video of a much younger Pat talking about silicon photonics

12:59PM EDT - Silicon photonics has taken longer than expected

12:59PM EDT - But it's finally coming. And is an example of how Intel is investing in the long term

01:00PM EDT - Detachable optical in-package connector

01:00PM EDT - A live demo being streamed out of Intel's labs in Scotland

01:01PM EDT - Showing a demo measuring the light coming out of the silicon photonics chip

01:01PM EDT - Let there be light

01:01PM EDT - Now detaching and reattaching the connector

01:02PM EDT - "This is exactly how I dreamed of it decades ago"

01:02PM EDT - Now wrapping things up

01:03PM EDT - Signing one of the posters they created with Stable Diffusion earlier

01:03PM EDT - To close things out, Pat is bringing up Linus Torvalds

01:06PM EDT - Linus is recounting the creation of Linux. He was poor and could not afford a Unix

01:07PM EDT - Extolling the virtues of open source

01:08PM EDT - Linus Torvalds, Pat's favorite plodding engineer

01:09PM EDT - Linus is the first recipient of a new award. The Intel Innovation Award

01:09PM EDT - "That is very nice and classy"

01:09PM EDT - Lifetime Achievement award

01:10PM EDT - And that's Linus

01:10PM EDT - Pat's now quickly hyping up the crowd about the next 2 days

01:11PM EDT - And that's a wrap

01:11PM EDT - Thanks for joining us for another live blog. Now off to check out some other sessions here at Innovation

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  • nandnandnand - Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - link

    Nvidia loses points because the lies can be spotted too easily.
  • Dante Verizon - Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - link

    Nvidia loses one point for lack of creativity in clothing.
  • j.koshy - Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - link

    This is so badly scripted. Grandfather and granddaughter going technology shopping. No enthusiasm it seems they are all trying to remember their scripts rather than actually showing enthusiasm/excitement for products. More like getting together at a cafe and brainstorming. What is with Intel and IBM getting these kids with barely any experience. Being smart and having achieved degrees at a young age is wonderful but they are not ready for being on stage.
  • onewingedangel - Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - link

    She was more natural than Pat 🤣
  • Harry_Wild - Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - link

    “Over 50 processors planned as part of the 13th Gen Core family!”
  • qwertymac93 - Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - link

    As if it's a good thing! 🤣
  • shabby - Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - link

    Doesn't this honestly mean that they have a lot of duds and just bin them lower and lower?
  • Otritus - Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - link

    It also could just mean a bunch of unnecessary segmentation. 2 i3, i5, i7, i9 skus for U, P, and H alone gets 24 processors. 3 i9 and i7 for desktop add another 6. Add in another 6 for i5 and now you are at 36. There’s gonna be i3 on desktop, what was formerly pentium and celeron for mobile, and pentium and celeron on desktop. Factor in HX for mobile, and remove some of the SKUs for U, P, and H, and you can easily break 50. Most of this segmentation (especially on mobile) is just TDP.
  • lmcd - Wednesday, September 28, 2022 - link

    No, it means they have more customers with more distinct needs along the power/performance curves.
  • Qasar - Wednesday, September 28, 2022 - link

    ive read some where part of the reason intel has so many sku's for cpus, is they harvest EVERY THING, and use it in a cpu model in one form or another.

    either way, intel's cpu lineup is confusing has hell. i was going to go x99 when it was released, then thought i could save a few hundred and go what ever socket it was at the time, chose a motherboard, then was looking at cpus, and found i was quickly just going up the product stack as there was a 50 buck difference between the cpus, and just ended up with a headache trying to figure it out, so i gave up, went with an x99 board, and the middle cpu and was up and running with that 2 days later.

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