03:32PM EST - It looks like this is it, we've got a busy CES schedule ahead of us still though, stay tuned!

03:31PM EST - I think we're on the last question

03:24PM EST - Everyone wants to know about 64 bit and the upcoming high end SoCs, but that news isn't happening here, that's clear

03:22PM EST - "The speed at which the industry is moving is increasing"

03:16PM EST - Not that I expected it, but I don't think we're going to see any surprise 64-bit CPU news beyond what was already announced with the Snapdragon 410

03:13PM EST - Admits that 64-bit timing from Apple was timed slightly differently than they expected, and that 64-bit will be driven across tiers

03:12PM EST - "We've had a lot of questions – when will we have 64 bit, when will others have it"

03:12PM EST - "64 bit is one of many features that validates this theme that the phone and computing meld together"

03:09PM EST - Mollenkopf just got asked what his title is and how to spell his name, Q&A isn't usually very useful honestly

03:08PM EST - Jarred's laptop BSOD was pretty unexpected there

03:07PM EST - Talking about how OEMs are using some of their phone designs in tablets, like the Nexus 7 and Lumia 2520

03:06PM EST - I was expecting there to be a bit more about the SoCs themselves or even Snapdragon 802 which was announced earlier today

03:05PM EST - I guess that's it, and we're moving to Q&A, that was fast

03:05PM EST - "Featurephone churn and velocity is still high as well though"

03:04PM EST - Big push in 2014 will be getting LTE deployed and viable in China

03:04PM EST - Moving things from the smartphone space into the car, and into things like wearables, announcements like the 602 and more which will come out in the next 24 hours

03:03PM EST - Embracing trends like 64 bit across tiers

03:03PM EST - In the December timeframe talked about Snapdragon 410, mainstream 64-bit SoC with worldwide LTE

03:02PM EST - Started in November talking about Snapdragon 805 "next generation mobile processor built for the mobile industry in particular, not scaled down or cut down from a PC type of product, purpose built for mobile"

03:02PM EST - Getting to announcements now

03:01PM EST - "Technologies once developed only for the phone are now useful everywhere else as well"

03:01PM EST - Talking about wearables now – displaying information to the user in a more convenient and natural way, the natural trend

03:01PM EST - Jarred's laptop just BSODed randomly, so it's just me (Brian) on text for a while now

03:00PM EST - People want to do things on their smartphones that they never could do on their PCs before

02:59PM EST - LTE will move from being something on just the flagships to also the other segments, moving into the car and other places that used to be limited to just WiFi

02:59PM EST - Second thing in 2014 is a even more LTE, goes from being premium to being mainstream

02:58PM EST - Mollenkopf is talking about how the entire industry is leveraging some of the mobile explosion, across automotive and consumer electronics

02:57PM EST - I guess this is going to be part announcement part Q&A

02:56PM EST - Looks like we're getting started, Steve Mollenkopf is out

02:53PM EST - I'm on pictures and some text, Jarred is on text as well, we'll both be chiming in

02:52PM EST - Ok we're seated and ready to go, it's a very packed room here at Qualcomm

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  • DarkXale - Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - link

    Being the only ones with integrated LTE would keep them going in the Smartphone area, but their lack of forethought could give them trouble in the tablet area where integrated LTE demand is much lower.

    Assuming NVIDIA manages to deliver...
  • Rayb - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    Why do I get the feeling that Qualcomm just got their pants blown off and they're running around trying to find some string to hold them up!

    "next generation mobile processor built for the mobile industry in particular, not scaled down or cut down from a PC type of product, purpose built for mobile"

    This quote doesn't mean a thing if u got nothing to show for it. The cadence of other competitors are starting to leave them behind. Nvidia just showed them what can be done with reasonable planning and Intel is creeping in... little by little.

    "The speed at which the industry is moving is increasing"

    Translation; Everybody else is moving faster than us at this time! We don't have anything too compelling to show at the moment. Come back soon, you hear...!


    The mobile space is about to undergo an unprecedented shake-up, whether Qualcomm can keep up after being on top for so long without much real competition, we shall see.
  • tipoo - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    I wonder if Big Bird will make an appearance again.
  • Shark321 - Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - link

    So they had a press conference for nothing? It's hard to believe.
  • dishayu - Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - link

    I got literally zero new information from this (well, apart from "64-bit is coming"). Was this conference really completely useless or am I missing something?
  • zxcvbad - Saturday, February 1, 2014 - link

    This time qualcomm has nothing to offer, and it's no surprise they haven't prepared AArch64, must be pretty safe with contrasts huh?... 805 just can't compete with k1 for a fact, there's no OpenGL 4.4 support and Qualcomm has the worst OpenGL Es3 drivers, they're so bad that previous v45 revision is better than a current v53, qualcomm devs are really slow (in some cases not releasing a driver for 6 months). But their HR team is always aggressively reply back, like it was with MTK Octa and K1 benchmarks. Qualcomm have just about 5 months to release competitive solution.

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