04:48PM EST - And that's a wrap. A lot of this is clearly raw, but there's definitely promise. We'll see if we can go hands on....

04:48PM EST - "We've finally removed the 'fiction' from 'science fiction' with RealSense Technology."

04:47PM EST - I can't spell the name of the software.

04:46PM EST - The winner was Shikumi Designs music... um... thing.

04:45PM EST - Started a competition for developers to come up with the most compelling uses of the 3D camera.

04:45PM EST - "Working with all the ecosystem."

04:45PM EST - Reiterating the need to work with partners -- this isn't something Intel can do on their own.

04:44PM EST - You can also show a page to the camera and it will recognize where you are.

04:43PM EST - With voice recognition, the program can tell what page of the book you're on.

04:43PM EST - Now showing book interaction -- kids are often more interested in the illustrations than the text.

04:42PM EST - Mooly blurts out the answer for the girl. LOL

04:42PM EST - Scholastic developed application to help with learning the alphabet.

04:42PM EST - Moving on to Clifford the Big Red Dog.

04:41PM EST - Interacting with a "farm" using hands and objects.

04:41PM EST - Time to bring out the adorable kids.

04:39PM EST - Final demo topic: Learning and Edutainment

04:39PM EST - Jetpack Mike next, showing flying with hand motions.

04:38PM EST - Okay, now playing pinball type of game with a special "controller" (sheet of cardboard).

04:37PM EST - Fails again at protecting the characters from the dragon.

04:36PM EST - Not working too well on the tracking.

04:36PM EST - Hoplites game demo (see Brian's picture)

04:35PM EST - Gaming and Play demo.

04:35PM EST - "Hey Dragon. Play some Elvis." [Here you go.] (Launches iTunes or Spotify.)

04:34PM EST - "Hey Dragon." [Beep] "Find a good hummus restaurant." [Shows Yelp results.]

04:34PM EST - Try again: "Watch an episode of Family Guy." [How about these.]

04:34PM EST - "Watch an episode of Family Guy." [I'm not sure what I should do with that.]

04:34PM EST - "Hey Dragon." [Beep]

04:33PM EST - Dragon Assistant demonstration. (Sweet -- speech and voice recognition demo.)

04:33PM EST - Problem is that you keep looking away from the screen while doing this.

04:32PM EST - Giving a Google Earth demonstration. Where she looks the image will track and move the content.

04:32PM EST - Now showing tracking of facial features.

04:31PM EST - It's like a touchscreen taken to the next level -- and it doesn't leave fingerprints.

04:31PM EST - It's like Xbox Kinnect interface only... well, I'm not sure it's worse, but it's not quite natural looking right now.

04:30PM EST - Pinch to grab and scroll screen, wave to go back, etc.

04:30PM EST - Using gestures to interact with Windows 8 UI.

04:29PM EST - Next up: Interact Naturally

04:28PM EST - Example of video blogging being difficult and requiring green screens, editing, etc. Now it's real-time (but still lacking quality in demo).

04:27PM EST - Can be used to hide backgrounds on calls or simply remove them.

04:27PM EST - Clear issues with border detection due to fidelity of 3D resolution.

04:26PM EST - Has a demo showing woman (at left of stage) superimposed on different backgrounds.

04:26PM EST - Working with Microsoft and Skype to enhance video calls.

04:25PM EST - Next demo: Immersive Collaboration/Creation

04:24PM EST - Taking virtual to actual with 3D printing.

04:24PM EST - In order to print in 3D, you need the content.

04:24PM EST - Question is not "if" we will have a 3D printer in every home, but "which room will it reside in".

04:23PM EST - Avi Reichentaal (sp?) takes the stage.

04:23PM EST - Announcing strategic collaboration and partnership with 3DSystems.

04:22PM EST - This can be done real-time as well as with post-processing. Some cool effects.

04:21PM EST - Dynamically changing the object filters for different depth objects.

04:21PM EST - Capturing Craig holding a small monkey doll, in real-time.

04:20PM EST - They will show how this is done at a presentation later tonight.

04:20PM EST - Mooly has a 3D view of his head/bust captured a few hours ago, and it can be done real-time.

04:19PM EST - Capture and share demo....

04:18PM EST - Upcoming demos will show discrete 3D cameras and the new embedded 3D camera.

04:17PM EST - However, the camera (hardware) is not enough. "What can I do with it?"

04:17PM EST - http://intel.com/RealSense

04:17PM EST - Intel RealSense: introducing the new brain for perceptual computing.

04:16PM EST - Thin enough to fit in the top panel of a laptop.

04:15PM EST - All the systems on the stage have the embedded camera in them.

04:15PM EST - Module is about as thick as two quarters.

04:15PM EST - Mooly is holding a sample 3D embedded camera -- "thinner than a Vegas poker chip."

04:13PM EST - Eventual move is to embedded 3D cameras.

04:13PM EST - How do we drive this change? The same way we worked with 2D cameras.

04:13PM EST - The whole world will transition to 3D the minute we can provide it.

04:12PM EST - Now the challenge is to do this for humans with an IQ of 100.

04:12PM EST - Frog with an IQ of 10, this was brilliant -- natural, intuitive, and immersive.

04:11PM EST - Video clip (from 18 months ago). Shows toad "eating" bugs on a smartphone screen.

04:10PM EST - NII: Natural, Intuitive, Immersive.

04:10PM EST - Immersive -- blur the borders between the real world and the virtual world.

04:10PM EST - Intuitive -- needs to be simply and user friendly.

04:10PM EST - Touch is nice, but when we can get voice to a better state it will be more natural.

04:09PM EST - When we communicate with each other, we don't touch each other all the time.

04:09PM EST - Why does voice have a brighter future? Because touch is not natural.

04:09PM EST - Voice is more important than touch.

04:09PM EST - Three items: Natural interfaces (multi-modality using multiple senses).

04:08PM EST - Add "senses" to the "brain" -- eyes, ears, voice, touch, emotion, and context for a natural, intuitive, and immersive life-life experience.

04:07PM EST - How will we define the next big thing?

04:07PM EST - Interfaces haven't improved nearly as much: DOS to GUI to touch.

04:07PM EST - Comparing performance, we have improved 3.5 million times over the past 45 years.

04:06PM EST - CPUs have less connectivity but higher clocks. "We are narrowing the gap."

04:05PM EST - 100 billion neurons in the brain running at 1000 Hz.

04:05PM EST - 1.7 billion transistors at 3GHz in 4th Gen Core processors.

04:05PM EST - 2300 transistors and 740KHz for Intel 4004 processor.

04:04PM EST - Basic comparison of transistors and neurons.

04:04PM EST - With computers, most of the processing power is used for calculations.

04:04PM EST - Look at the human brain -- most of our processing power is for our senses.

04:04PM EST - Why cover this? We are on the verge of a major revolution.

04:03PM EST - Moore's Law predicted exponential increase in power but also exponential decrease in cost.

04:03PM EST - Invention of transistors, invention of integrated circuit, and Moore's Law.

04:03PM EST - What enabled this revolution?

04:02PM EST - Plantable devices (implantable).

04:02PM EST - 24/7 connectivity, inter-device connectivity, carrying computing on our bodies.

04:02PM EST - This is the past and the present. What does the future hold for us?

04:01PM EST - Big focus on user experience today.

04:01PM EST - Covering compute history -- from ENIAC to PCs to laptops, etc.

04:00PM EST - We are surrounded by computing -- cars, phones, PCs, tablets, toys, gadgets...

04:00PM EST - "From science fiction to reality"

04:00PM EST - Mooly Eden is on the stage now.

03:59PM EST - Video intro: we used to type, then we clicked, now we touch.

03:58PM EST - Jarred is online now. Hooray. XPS 15 didn't like Brian's USB tethering apparently at Qualcomm.

03:56PM EST - I'm guessing the black strips mounted on the top of all these notebooks are the RealSense 3D camera

03:53PM EST - I guess we're going to hear about an integrated 2D and 3D camera from Intel called RealSense

03:52PM EST - Much bigger room than Qualcomm's, which was packed, definitely more space here

03:49PM EST - Well here we go, me (Brian) again on text and video, Jarred on text assuming the laptop doesn't BSOD again

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    They have another presentation on 6.30pm PST
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    Wow, this release from Intel is seriously disappointing. The amount of gimmicks here is through the roof. I'm assuming there will be a later announcement about future mobile and desktop CPU development, right? This is all non-content, as far as I'm concerned.
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    I would like to see video of this conference, i've searched but can't find it anywhere. Anyone has a link maybe ?
  • dulo - Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - link

    Found it.
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    How come you guys did not do a live blog of the CES presentation by Intel CEO? Or did I miss it...? Thanks....

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