08:38AM PDT - We just got seated

08:38AM PDT - and the wired ethernet is awesome: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3585449223

08:40AM PDT - I hear loud honking I have no idea what's going on

08:40AM PDT - I'm assuming there's some Android car thing happening

08:50AM PDT - Switching timezones to pacific, timestamps will change

08:54AM PDT - If you look at the top of the site you'll notice a new wearables tab, we're launching the section today in anticipation of a bunch of Android Wear news at IO

08:59AM PDT - Whew, the wired ethernet died for a moment but just came back

09:02AM PDT - Just got the 5 minute warning, starting soon!

09:04AM PDT - We're about to begin

09:07AM PDT - Lights dimmed, crowd is "wooing"

09:08AM PDT - There's some elaborate rube goldberg machine doing its thing on stage

09:08AM PDT - Definitely not live blogging all of the components of the machine

09:08AM PDT - Intro video starting

09:09AM PDT - "Every little bit matters, here's what you build next"

09:10AM PDT - Sundar Pichai, Android SVP on the stage

09:10AM PDT - Sundar is thanking developers for attending

09:10AM PDT - IO viewing parties in 85 countries

09:10AM PDT - Over 1 million people watching the livestream today

09:11AM PDT - Now showing us live feeds of the viewing parties around the world

09:12AM PDT - "Android and Chrome are built from the ground up for developers"

09:12AM PDT - Now talking about mobile momentum

09:12AM PDT - We will hear about Google evolving its platforms beyond mobile

09:13AM PDT - Over 315M smartphone shipments in Q4

09:13AM PDT - Now focusing on 30 day active Android users

09:13AM PDT - Over 1 billion 30-day active Android users as of this year's IO

09:14AM PDT - Over 20B text messages sent every day by Android users

09:14AM PDT - Over 93M selfies on Android devices every day

09:14AM PDT - 1.5 trillion steps per day

09:14AM PDT - Check their phones over 100 billion times each day

09:14AM PDT - Each important use case we are working on addressing and you'll hear about it today

09:14AM PDT - Steps, checking phones frequency, sounds like an Android Wear announcement

09:15AM PDT - Sundar is talking about smartphone use cases and experiences now

09:15AM PDT - Now shifting to tablets

09:16AM PDT - Android tablets accounted for 39% of all shipments 2 years ago, 46% last year, 62% this year

09:16AM PDT - Those numbers don't include Kindle

09:16AM PDT - YouTube tablet views on Android: 28% a year ago

09:16AM PDT - Now 42%

09:16AM PDT - Android app installs on tablets are up over 200% this year

09:17AM PDT - Now talking about reaching the next 5 billion mobile users

09:17AM PDT - Less than 10% of the population in India have access to smartphones

09:17AM PDT - android one

09:17AM PDT - new initiative to address this problem

09:18AM PDT - Hardware reference platforms

09:18AM PDT - Sounds like an entry level Android smartphone reference platform

09:18AM PDT - Software on Android One is the same as Stock Android with Play Auto installs and automatic updates

09:18AM PDT - All the Android One software comes from Google

09:19AM PDT - Just like with Nexus and GPe phones

09:19AM PDT - Micromax Android One, less than $100, dual SIM, 4.5" screen, FM Radio

09:19AM PDT - Starting in India, launching with 3 OEMs later this year

09:19AM PDT - Karbonn, micromax and spice

09:20AM PDT - This is like Nexus devices for the entry level smartphone market

09:20AM PDT - Now talking about evolving Android and Chrome

09:20AM PDT - Preview of Android L release

09:21AM PDT - L Developer Preview available later for download

09:21AM PDT - Sounds like today

09:21AM PDT - Wanted to rethink the user design experience in Android to have a fresh, bold and new look

09:21AM PDT - Matias Duarte is taking the stage to talk about design in Android L

09:21AM PDT - Android L: One consistent vision for mobile, desktop and beyond

09:22AM PDT - Wanted a design that's clean and simple

09:22AM PDT - What if pixels didn't just have color, but also depth

09:22AM PDT - "A way of thinking we call Material Design"

09:23AM PDT - Showing off the new design of Android L

09:23AM PDT - The design appears to be called Material

09:23AM PDT - Showing off new lighting and shadow effects

09:24AM PDT - App developers will be able to specify an elevation value for any UI surface

09:24AM PDT - The framework will handle perspective, light sources and real time shadows based on this elevation value

09:24AM PDT - App developers will be able to easily colorize all framework elements

09:24AM PDT - Palette can easily extract colors from images to help colorize the design of your app

09:26AM PDT - All UI building blocks have been updated to include animated touch feedback

09:26AM PDT - Android developers will now be able to create seamless animations between screens

09:26AM PDT - Definitely a huge focus on animations

09:26AM PDT - Showing off Gmail for L

09:28AM PDT - All of the Material design enhancements will also be available to Polymer for use in web development

09:28AM PDT - New unified style guidelines: http://www.google.com/design

09:28AM PDT - First draft of the new design guidelines released today as a part of the new L Developer Preview

09:28AM PDT - Now moving onto new features in Android L

09:29AM PDT - 5000+ new developer APIs

09:29AM PDT - Going to talk about UX and performance improvements

09:29AM PDT - Talking about the new animations supported by L

09:30AM PDT - Showing off the new Phone Dialer

09:30AM PDT - and the new ripple touch effect when you tap tabs and calls

09:30AM PDT - Smooth shadowed animations when you bring up the dialer

09:32AM PDT - Enhanced notifications

09:32AM PDT - N

09:33AM PDT - New lock screen notifications

09:33AM PDT - Merged lock screen and notification shade

09:33AM PDT - New type of notification: heads up notification

09:34AM PDT - Personal Unlocking

09:34AM PDT - Allows device to determine if it's in a trusted environment

09:34AM PDT - Based on BT devices that are visible, your voiceprint and location

09:35AM PDT - If your phone sees you're using a BT watch it thinks you're in a trusted environment and doesn't ask for an unlock code

09:35AM PDT - If the phone can no longer see your watch, Android L will prompt you for a pinlock

09:36AM PDT - 27M monthly active users of Chrome on mobile last year, now over 300M

09:37AM PDT - Now talking about bringing Material to the mobile web

09:37AM PDT - Demonstrating Google search results on the mobile web with Material deisgn

09:38AM PDT - Animations, colors, styling all leverage Material

09:38AM PDT - Fast, fluid 60 fps animations on the mobile web

09:38AM PDT - Google really wants to make Android's styling the default for the web as well as its own devices

09:39AM PDT - Redesigned recents multitasking in Android

09:39AM PDT - Chrome tabs are now included in the recents app list

09:40AM PDT - All individual Chrome tabs are listed in your recents view in Android L

09:40AM PDT - New API in L allows apps to populate multiple items in recents as well

09:41AM PDT - Recapping app indexing, giving access to app data through Google Search

09:42AM PDT - If your app requires a user sign in, you'll be able to use Google+ signin to have your public content visible on search

09:43AM PDT - Do not disturb mode, new quick settings also in L

09:44AM PDT - Moving onto Performance

09:44AM PDT - ART is the new runtime in L, supports ARM, x86 and MIPS

09:44AM PDT - Dalvik is done, L is exclusively ART

09:44AM PDT - Designed to support a mix of AOT, JIT and interpreted code

09:44AM PDT - Do I smell a 64-bit announcement?

09:44AM PDT - 2x improvement over Dalvik

09:45AM PDT - Brand new garbage collector and memory allocator

09:45AM PDT - GC pause time in Google Maps, reduced by about half

09:45AM PDT - ART is more memory efficient

09:45AM PDT - Smarter about background task memory management

09:46AM PDT - ART is fully 64-bit compatible

09:46AM PDT - ARMv8, x86-64 and MIPS 64

09:46AM PDT - Now talking about Graphics in L

09:47AM PDT - Android Extension Pack defined with Google, Qualcomm, ARM and NVIDIA

09:47AM PDT - adds support for tessellation, geometry shaders, compute shaders and ASTC

09:47AM PDT - Unreal Engine 4 running on Android L with NVIDIA tablet hardware

09:47AM PDT - This sounds like Google's solution to the OpenGL/OpenGL ES gap

09:49AM PDT - New high end Android tablets and phones running L this fall

09:49AM PDT - Now talking about battery life

09:49AM PDT - Project Volta

09:50AM PDT - Designed to optimize how the subsystems in the device are used to improve battery life

09:50AM PDT - Battery Historian lets you visualize battery use

09:50AM PDT - wow there's a protestor in front of the stage

09:51AM PDT - JobScheduler API to schedule intensive updates for when you're charging your phone or delay for other reasons

09:51AM PDT - New battery saver mode

09:53AM PDT - Nexus 5, Nexus 7 L release out tomorrow morning

09:53AM PDT - H.265 support coming in L it looks like

09:53AM PDT - Sundar is back on stage

09:54AM PDT - Wow, not subtle dig at Apple introducing custom keyboards and widgets

09:55AM PDT - 93% of Android users are on the latest version of Google Play Services across all versions of Android

09:55AM PDT - Google Play Services ship every 6 weeks

09:55AM PDT - Less than half a percent of Android users run into Malware issues

09:55AM PDT - Security patches are now pushed out via Play Services

09:56AM PDT - With L users have full control to disable their phones via factory reset protection

09:56AM PDT - With L Google has a centralized setting, universal data controls, for users to manage privacy

09:56AM PDT - and manage things like location history and everything else that's shared with apps

09:57AM PDT - Google wants the multiscreen experience (phone, TV, watch, etc..) to be contextually aware, voice enabled

09:57AM PDT - seamless between devices

09:58AM PDT - Talking about wearables now

09:58AM PDT - Android Wear preview launched 3 months ago

09:58AM PDT - Time for the update on Android Wear

09:59AM PDT - Android Wear supports both square and circular screens

10:00AM PDT - people check their phones 125 times every day, Android Wear is designed to help reduce this number

10:00AM PDT - Live demo of LG G Watch

10:01AM PDT - Notifications are forwarded to your watch, swiping up/down navigates through cards on the watch - swipe left/right to go through pages within an app

10:02AM PDT - Clearing notifications on your watch clears them on your phone as well

10:02AM PDT - Multiple watch faces

10:02AM PDT - Demonstrating Google Now integration into Android Wear

10:03AM PDT - Google Talk notifications on Android Wear as well

10:03AM PDT - Apps stay in sync between watch and phone

10:04AM PDT - Can add quick notes from your watch to your phone

10:05AM PDT - Can swipe to reject calls from your watch or swipe up to respond with a predefined SMS

10:05AM PDT - Downward swipe on the watch triggers do not disturb mode on the phone

10:05AM PDT - Can launch music playback on your phone via the watch

10:05AM PDT - Playback controls exposed on the watch

10:06AM PDT - Can set alarms on your phone via your Android wear device

10:06AM PDT - Can show flight boarding passes on your Android Wear device

10:07AM PDT - Pedometer, pedometer history and heart rate checking all supported on Android Wear devices with proper hardware

10:07AM PDT - Talking about Android Wear capabilities for developers

10:08AM PDT - Giving examples of how developers can use Android Wear

10:09AM PDT - Full Android Wear SDK available today

10:10AM PDT - Can write code to run directly on the wearable itself

10:10AM PDT - Most Android APIs available on Android Wear as well

10:10AM PDT - Going over Android Wear apps that 3rd party developers have built

10:11AM PDT - When a watch is connected to your phone, any apps on your phone with a wearable component are automatically installed on the phone and kept up to date

10:13AM PDT - All Android Wear devices we're talking about today are water resistant

10:13AM PDT - Using Android Wear to car a Lyft car

10:14AM PDT - call a Lyft car

10:14AM PDT - You can see when your car has arrived, rate your driver as well

10:14AM PDT - all from your wrist

10:14AM PDT - LG G Watch available to order later today on the play store

10:14AM PDT - Samsung is the Android Wear family as well

10:15AM PDT - Gear Live, also available to order later today

10:15AM PDT - Moto 360 available for sale later this summer

10:15AM PDT - Moving on to bringing Android to the car

10:16AM PDT - In the US the average commuter spends over 1 hour in the car every day

10:16AM PDT - 25% of accidents in the US are caused by people fumbling with gadgets behind the wheel

10:17AM PDT - announcing Android Auto

10:17AM PDT - Android Auto puts navigation, communication and streaming music front and center

10:17AM PDT - Android Auto is completely voice enabled

10:19AM PDT - Phone casts Android experience to the in car display

10:19AM PDT - Apps run on the phone and are cast to the car

10:20AM PDT - Google Play music integration, voice and steering wheel controls are available

10:21AM PDT - Now demonstrating Google Maps for Android Auto

10:21AM PDT - Also fully voice enabled

10:22AM PDT - Incoming messages appear as heads up notifications

10:22AM PDT - Can reply to messages with voice too

10:23AM PDT - Android Auto SDK

10:23AM PDT - Full set of APIs for audio and messaging apps

10:25AM PDT - Android Auto SDK published soon

10:25AM PDT - Android Auto experience will be available with the L release later this year

10:25AM PDT - First cars with Android Auto will be rolling off dealer lots by the end of this year

10:26AM PDT - Now moving on to Android in the living room

10:26AM PDT - Here comes the TV announcements

10:26AM PDT - Talking about the fragmentation in the TV OS market

10:27AM PDT - Announcing Android TV

10:27AM PDT - Not a new platform, just giving TV the same attention as phones and tablets

10:27AM PDT - One Android SDK for all form factors

10:27AM PDT - Android TV requires just a d-pad and support for voice input, can be virtual

10:28AM PDT - Early look at TV support being added to L developer preview

10:29AM PDT - Core search functionality built directly into Android TV, powered by voice

10:31AM PDT - Running more voice driven Android TV demos

10:31AM PDT - Now showing off Android TV apps

10:31AM PDT - L supports a lean back experience to help in building 10-foot UIs

10:32AM PDT - Google Play movies app: One APK for TV, phones and tablets

10:32AM PDT - You can use your Android Wear watch as a d-pad if you don't have your remote handy

10:33AM PDT - Now talking about games on Android TV

10:33AM PDT - 3 out of 4 Android users are playing games

10:34AM PDT - Can play multiplayer games across devices

10:35AM PDT - Android TV includes full Google Cast support so you can use it like a Chromecast

10:36AM PDT - Google Play TV store will officially open in the fall

10:36AM PDT - Android TV is designed for TVs, set top boxes and gaming boxes

10:36AM PDT - Entire 2015 HD/4K ranges from Sony and HD ranges from Sharp and Phillips will run Android TV

10:37AM PDT - ASUS and RAZR launching Android TV boxes this fall

10:37AM PDT - Intel, Qualcomm, Mediatek and NVIDIA are all Android TV partners

10:37AM PDT - http://developer.android.com/tv

10:37AM PDT - Now moving onto talking about Google Cast/Chromecast developments

10:38AM PDT - Chromecast has sold millions of devices, consistently outsold other set top boxes

10:39AM PDT - YouTube sees more active engagement on Chromecast than on any other TV streaming product

10:40AM PDT - Today announcing new discovery experiences for Chromecast apps

10:40AM PDT - http://www.chromecast.com/apps or via the Chromecast app on your device

10:41AM PDT - New feature: others can cast to your TV without being on the same WiFi network

10:41AM PDT - Cast button now lets you connect to nearby Chromecast devices even if you're not on the same network

10:42AM PDT - Authenticates users in the same room as the Chromecast

10:42AM PDT - If the Chromecast can't automatically find you, a pin will be displayed on the screen

10:42AM PDT - You always have control over who has control to your TV

10:42AM PDT - Feature will be rolled out to Android later this year

10:43AM PDT - New Google Cast Ambient experience, called Backdrop

10:43AM PDT - Supported by Android and iOS

10:43AM PDT - You can now add personal photos to the ambient feed

10:44AM PDT - Can include artwork, news, weather and satellite photos of places

10:45AM PDT - All content is curated to ensure only high quality and safe images are displayed

10:45AM PDT - You can use google voice search on your mobile device to explain what's being displayed on your chromecast

10:45AM PDT - "What's on my chrome cast"

10:46AM PDT - New Google Cast feature that lets you mirror any Android device to your TV

10:46AM PDT - Built our own protocol to reduce latency and ensure smooth operation

10:47AM PDT - Casting the camera app from an Android phone to the Chromecast

10:48AM PDT - Sundar is back on stage, probably ending soon

10:48AM PDT - Laptop update

10:49AM PDT - 8 OEMs making 15 Chrome devices in 28 countries

10:49AM PDT - All 10 of the top 10 highest rated laptops on Amazon are Chromebooks

10:49AM PDT - 6x growth in the number of Chromebooks in K12 schools in the US

10:50AM PDT - Want to improve Chromebook/Android interoperability

10:50AM PDT - Every time you approach your Chromebook and your phone is with you we will automatically unlock your Chromebook and automatically sign you in to your favorite apps/services

10:50AM PDT - Same Google Now cards on your phone appear on your Chromebook as well

10:50AM PDT - incoming call notifications now appear on Chromebook

10:50AM PDT - Same for text messages

10:51AM PDT - Low battery notifications for your phone appear on your Chromebook as well

10:52AM PDT - Google will be enabling Android apps to run on Chromebooks

10:52AM PDT - Early demo of it now

10:53AM PDT - Showing off Vine and Flipboard Android apps running on Chrome OS

10:53AM PDT - This is huge for improving Chrome OS

10:55AM PDT - With Android L, Google is adding a bunch of APIs to unify work/person app experiences on the same device

10:55AM PDT - Underlying data separation

10:55AM PDT - Personal data is isolated from corporate and vice versa

10:55AM PDT - No modification needed for existing apps

10:56AM PDT - Will also work on prior versions of Android

10:56AM PDT - Samsung is contributing all of its Knox work to Android so there's one consistent story

10:56AM PDT - Certified Android for Work program

10:57AM PDT - Native Office Editing available within Google Docs suite of editors

10:58AM PDT - No longer convert Word files into Docs formats, opened and saved as native Word files

10:58AM PDT - You can always convert to Google Docs format if you want

10:59AM PDT - Google Drive has over 190M 30-day active users

11:00AM PDT - Unlimited storage for $10/user per month

11:01AM PDT - Now switching gears to talking about developer success

11:01AM PDT - Playing a video of developer success stories

11:05AM PDT - Video is done, now talking about building apps that can scale

11:08AM PDT - Secret, with a single backend developer built an app that saw over 1000x growth in the last two months

11:09AM PDT - Another protestor

11:10AM PDT - Ok protestor silenced, back to Google Cloud platform demos

11:14AM PDT - Showing off cloud tracing

11:17AM PDT - Cloud Monitoring, includes alerting support

11:18AM PDT - Now talking about data and analytics

11:19AM PDT - Announcing Cloud Dataflow - result of over a decade of experience in analytics

11:20AM PDT - Demo time, analyzing millions of tweets per world cup match to determine sentiment

11:21AM PDT - Dataflow API provides a simple mechanism to do one to many data transforms

11:22AM PDT - Sorry, not much to live blog here

11:25AM PDT - Demo over

11:27AM PDT - Now moving on to Google Play

11:28AM PDT - Appurify is joining Google

11:28AM PDT - Appurify is a mobile cloud testing service

11:30AM PDT - Appurify will continue to be cross platform on iOS and Android, available as a freemium service

11:30AM PDT - Google Fit Platform Preview

11:30AM PDT - Single set of APIs to manage fitness data from apps and sensors from both cross platform devices and wearables

11:32AM PDT - Nike is allowing other apps and fitness devices to integrate with Nike Fuel through this API

11:33AM PDT - Now moving on to talking about Google Play and Google Play Games

11:33AM PDT - GPG has activated over 100M new users in the past 6 months

11:33AM PDT - New game profile

11:34AM PDT - Users will be able to see bookmarks of their progress in the Play Games app

11:34AM PDT - Google can automate the creation of achievement quests as well, called Quests

11:35AM PDT - Features will roll out soon in the next update of Google Play Services and the Play Games app

11:35AM PDT - Moving onto discussing monetization

11:36AM PDT - Direct carrier billing for tablets

11:36AM PDT - Done with Google Play, Sundar is back on stage

11:36AM PDT - 2:36 into the keynote now, man these things are intense

11:36AM PDT - Over $5B has been paid out from Google Play to developers since last year's Google IO

11:37AM PDT - Now talking about the giveaway swag

11:37AM PDT - Everyone is getting a piece of cardboard

11:38AM PDT - Each attendee gets a choice of the LG G watch or the Samsung Gear Live

11:38AM PDT - Each attendee gets a Motorola 360 when it's available

11:38AM PDT - The crowd clearly cares about the Moto 360

11:39AM PDT - And we're done! Thanks for following!

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  • Roland00Address - Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - link

    So I am reading this and the feeling of awesomeness and how much I want this now can only be communicated by channeling Charlie Sheen.


    I am not Google, I am not Android. I am bi-winning, I win here and I win there.

    I am Android L, I got tiger blood and I am made with Adonis DNA.


    So someone maybe Google show me how to make an image backup of my nexus 7 so all my stuff is safe and how to reimage my nexus to Android L.

    That or do a dual boot with kit kat and android L. I want to play right now!!!
  • random2 - Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - link

    Are we expected to read through all of this? There's no video? Any DLs of a video available? I have so many questions.
  • Roland00Address - Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - link

    Go here and click the watch the keynote button

  • HangFire - Thursday, June 26, 2014 - link

    Now that the issue of Android in automobiles is officially on the table, will AT please start paying attention to these questions in phone reviews- does BT even connect to a standard set of car audio brands? How useful is the Car Dock mode? How well do priority overrides between streaming audio, Nav and incoming calls work? How good is noise rejection on speakerphone on the highway?

    As I've said over and over again, handheld use in autos is illegal most anywhere, yet these issues are ignored in every AT smartphone review.
  • Ram Reddy - Monday, July 28, 2014 - link

    Hi thanks lot for the neat and crisp information, having plans to buy Xiaomi Mi3. Regards <a href="http://www.onlinedada.com/2014/07/xiaomi-mi3-revie... Mi3</a>

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