iiYama VisionMaster PRO 450

by Jason Clark on November 12, 1999 11:29 PM EST
Photo Tests
I used a resolution of 1280X1024 at 85Hz with the color depth at 32bit. After the grueling DisplayMate tests, it was time to take out some high resolution photos. Photos display beautifully on this monitor. The photos were incredibly clear; the colors, deep and vibrant. There were no issues here whatsoever in my opinion.

Text Test
Setting it at various resolutions, I loaded text documents into Microsoft Word, and Notepad. I examined the clarity of the text on different colored backgrounds. Text was clear and sharp, all the way up to 1280X1024. I found that at a resolution of 1600X1200, there was a bit of a loss in clarity, but nothing substantial.

Resolution Test
Here, I simply tried every resolution up to the monitor's maximum, 1600X1200, and looked for defects and clarity issues in the display. There were none at all that would be of any concern. Again, at 1600X1200, it loses some clarity, but nothing substantial.

Support & Warranty
This is an area often overlooked in a product review. I think it's important and should be addressed. I called up their support and asked some questions about their warranty. The monitor is covered for 3 years parts & labour (this is pretty standard). The average turn-around time for a monitor repair, providing there are no parts issues (i.e. having to order parts), is approximately one week. If you purchase the VisionCare warranty, which is $99.00 for this model, then iiYama will ship a replacement monitor to you within 48 hours. That's yours to keep at no cost. From what I can tell, it seems iiYama is willing to provide consumers with good support.

iiYama has produced a high quality monitor. There is no questioning that. This monitor can be purchased for as low as $629, which in my opinion, is a decent price for an outstanding monitor. Granted, you can spend a lot more and probably get even better quality, but isn't that the case with everything? When you are talking value for your money, I think the VisionMaster PRO 450 delivers a high quality picture to the consumer. My only complaint is the lack of a USB hub included in the monitor, which the Mitsubishi 900u has. However, you can order the USB hub base separately for the monitor from iiYama. I have not seen a Mistubishi's picture, so I cannot really comment on how it compares to the iiYama; however, they do share the same CRT, yet the electronic components are not the same. As for who should buy this monitor? I think it would suit the home and business user very, very nicely. Will graphic designers like this monitor? I think it will satisfy a good portion of graphic designers. Although, some will want the absolute best, which of course, costs more. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this monitor if you are in the market for a high quality 19" monitor.

Controls & Tests
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