Trade shows like Computex always bring out their fair share of oddities, and this year was no exception, with one of the highlights being a Corsair PC case with no fewer than 24 fans. As one of a handful of companies offering really big desktop PC cases, Corsair was demonstrating its new creature: the 9000D Airflow. At 90 liters in volume – which is twice the size of regular PCs and 1.5x the volume of a typical car gas tank – the colossal case is bigger than ever. It's so big, in fact, that it can house two systems: a full-size ATX (or smaller) system, as well as a separate Mini-ITX system. The most eye-catching aspect of this PC case (besides its large size, of course...

Corsair Enters Workstation Memory Market with WS Series XMP/EXPO DDR5 RDIMMs

Corsair has introduced a family of registered memory modules with ECC that are designed for AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 7000 and Intel's Xeon W-2400/3400-series processors. The new Corsair WS DDR5...

9 by Anton Shilov on 4/12/2024

Corsair Launches New XH405i Custom Water Cooling Kits And XG7 RTX 4080-Compatible Water Blocks

Corsair has launched its latest Hydro X series iCUE LINK XH405i RGB custom open-loop water cooling kits, replacing the older XH305i kits from 2020. The new kits feature Corsair’s...

0 by Matthew Connatser on 3/13/2024

Corsair Launches MP600 Elite: Inexpensive Phison E27T-Based Drives

While enthusiasts are now focused mostly on SSDs with a PCIe 5.0 interface, there are many people who will be just fine with drives featuring a PCIe 4.0 interface...

12 by Anton Shilov on 1/31/2024

The Corsair A115 CPU Cooler Review: Massive Air Cooler Is Effective, But Expensive

With recent high-performance CPUs exhibiting increasingly demanding cooling requirements, we've seen a surge in releases of new dual-tower air cooler designs. Though not new by any means, dual-tower designs...

22 by E. Fylladitakis on 1/22/2024

The Corsair iCUE LINK H150i RGB 360mm AIO Cooler Review: Colorful Connections

When it comes to all-in-one liquid coolers for CPUs, there are a handful of companies whose brands have become synonymous with the titanic coolers. And of those brands, it's...

6 by E. Fylladitakis on 1/2/2024

Best PC Power Supplies: Cyber Monday 2023

Now that you've picked out your CPU, it's time to start picking out the rest of your system components. And perhaps the most humble but overlooked of these components...

6 by E. Fylladitakis on 11/23/2023

Corsair Releases MP700 Pro SSDs: Up 12.4 GB/s With Three Cooling Options

Corsair has introduced its MP700 Pro-series solid-state drives with a PCIe 5.0 x4 interface that offer sequential read speed of up to 12.4 GB/s. The new high-end drive family...

15 by Anton Shilov on 11/15/2023

Corsair's Dominator Titanium Memory Now Available, Unveils Plans for Beyond 8000 MT/s

Corsair has started sales of its Dominator Titanium memory modules that were formally introduced this May. The new modules bring together luxurious look, customizable design, and extreme data transfer...

1 by Anton Shilov on 9/26/2023

Corsair to Enter Personalized Peripherals Market with Drop Acquisition

Corsair on Monday said that it had agreed to buy Drop, a leading maker of personalized peripherals, such as keyboards. The market for bespoke hardware is growing these days...

4 by Anton Shilov on 7/17/2023

Corsair Unveils Dominator Titanium DDR5 Kits: Reaching For DDR5-8000

Corsair has introduced its new Dominator Titanium series of DDR5 memory modules that will combine performance, capacity, and style. The new lineup of memory modules and kits will offer...

5 by Anton Shilov on 5/30/2023

Corsair Launches 2000D Airflow SFF Cases For Triple-Slot GPUs

Corsair has expanded the brand's mini-ITX case lineup with the new 2000D Airflow series. The 2000D Airflow and 2000D RGB Airflow small-form-factor (SFF) cases cater specifically to compact but...

14 by Zhiye Liu on 5/24/2023

Corsair Introduces MP700 PCIe 5.0 SSDs: 1 TB Starting At $169.99

After a few teasers and months of waiting, Corsair has finally launched the MP700, the company's first PCIe 5.0 SSD. The MP700 aims to win enthusiasts over with its...

18 by Zhiye Liu on 5/4/2023

Corsair Launches MP600 Mini: M.2 2230 SSD Brings Big Performance

Corsair has introduced its first ever SSD in an M.2-2230 form-factor that is aimed at ultra-compact systems like Valve's Steam Deck as well as Microsoft's Surface Pro 8 and...

7 by Anton Shilov on 4/26/2023

Sabrent Rocket Q4 and Corsair MP600 CORE NVMe SSDs Reviewed: PCIe 4.0 with QLC

A PCIe Gen4 SSD controller can get more performance out of QLC NAND, but can a QLC SSD ever be more than a low-end drive?

60 by Billy Tallis on 4/9/2021

How We Test PCIe 4.0 Storage: The AnandTech 2021 SSD Benchmark Suite

Our new SSD test suite is ready, updated and expanded for the latest trends in storage including PCIe 4.0 and QLC NAND.

70 by Billy Tallis on 2/1/2021

Corsair Launches MP600 CORE and MP600 PRO PCIe 4.0 SSDs

Corsair is launching a new round of PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVMe SSDs based on the latest reference designs from Phison plus Corsair's own heatsink designs. Starting off, the Corsair...

37 by Billy Tallis on 1/28/2021

The Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II 240 & 420 AIO Coolers Review: Big and Effective

Today we are taking a look at a couple of Arctic Cooling’s Liquid Freezer II all-in-one CPU coolers: the Liquid Freezer II 240, and the Liquid Freezer II 420...

44 by E. Fylladitakis on 1/15/2021

The Corsair MP400 1TB QLC NVMe SSD: A Quick Review

Following up from our recent look at 8TB QLC SSDs, today we're taking a look at the 1TB Corsair MP400. This is a QLC NVMe SSD using the Phison...

75 by Billy Tallis on 12/11/2020

The Corsair Gaming K100 RGB Keyboard Review: Optical-Mechanical Masterpiece

In today's review, we are taking a look at the successor of the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, the K100 RGB. The new flagship of Corsair’s gaming keyboards is visually...

82 by E. Fylladitakis on 11/19/2020

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