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This afternoon Apple announced their earnings, and for the quarter, they had record revenues of $88.293 billion, which is up 13% from the same quarter a year ago. Margins were down 0.1% to 38.4%. Apple had an operating income of $26.274 billion, up 16.2%, and a net income of $20.065 billion, up 12.1%, which translated to earnings per share of $3.92, up from $3.38 a year ago. Apple Q1 2018 Financial Results (GAAP) Q1'2018 Q4'2017 Q1'2017 Revenue (in Billions USD) $88.293 $52.579 $78.351 Gross Margin (in Billions USD) $33.912 $19.931 $30.176 Operating Income (in Billions USD) $26.274 $13.120 $23.359 Net Income (in Billions USD) $20.065 $10.714 $17.891 Margins 38.4% 37.9% 38.5% Earnings per Share (in USD) $3.92 $2.08 $3.38 As usual, Apple’s iPhone continues to be the driving force behind Apple’s earnings. For the quarter, unit sales were down 1% from a year ago, but revenue was up 13%. Apple sold 77.3...

Apple 2017: The iPhone X (Ten) Announced

The hot button item expected to come from Apple’s announcement today was the set of iPhones being announced. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were the expected models...

173 by Ian Cutress on 9/12/2017

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