BARCELONA, ESP – Today ASUS is launching a smartphone that is designed, according to the speaker at our prebriefing, to make it look like the user is holding an iPhone X. The new ASUS ZenFone 5, part of the ZenFone 5 family, comes with a notch. Apparently this is what the company says that its customers want: the ability to look as if you have an iPhone X, but have something else. Aside from the notch, ASUS’ ZenFone 5 launch today actually comprises of three different devices: the ZenFone 5, the ZenFone 5 Lite (called the ZenFone 5Q in most of the world) and the ZenFone 5Z. We were given a pre-brief of the first two devices, with the flagship ZenFone 5Z only being revealed...

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